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Kerala in our perspective!

Would you like to spend your holidays in a charming green destination? Or wish to spend your honeymoon in the middle of a lake? Or wish to enjoy in an enchanting beach? Gods own country –Kerala welcomes you. The National Geographic Traveler listed Kerala as “one of the top 50 ‘must-see destinations of a lifetime.’”

Why should you choose Kerala? The simple answer “Kerala is cute”. A greenery state located in the southern part of India with long seashore and long range of hills. Weather is very comfortable throughout the year and it makes the nature very green. Well-inhabited land mostly with middle class people. Since Kerala is a small state, you can avoid long road journeys to see different places. We recommend you to give the first priority to Kerala.


Our service

This is a free travel advice website. If you wish to visit Kerala, the information in this website will certainly help you. There are number of websites for Kerala tours, but most of them seem complex. We tried our level best to simplify the details. We have uploaded real pictures of each destination so that you will get to know each place before you visit. This website will advise you how to combine different tour destinations. We have ranked the tourist destinations. If the tour is booked through your travel agent, we offer you a free itinerary review it and will give you our valuable suggestions, because we want you to enjoy your precious visit.

Our (Cute Kerala) aim is to promote Kerala Tourism. Our guests can make their own best Kerala tour packages so as to enjoy your Kerala Tours (trips) well. So we have simplified the details and straight to the points as much as we can to save your time. We have included comprehensive details about 12 major tourist places in Kerala. We value our guests so we designed this website through a traveler’s viewpoint. From the bottom of our heart we say “Welcome to Kerala – Gods own country” (the slogan of Kerala Tourism).


Venice of the East

It is a place of backwater and sea. A small town surrounded by Arabian sea and backwaters. Alappuzha beach is the one of the best beach to swim. Its waves will definitely make you happy.



Three beaches

We describe Kovalam beach as the best beach in the world! We hope you will thumbs up after visiting. It has a special area for tourists. Wide swimming area and comfortable tides (waves). Best beach for sun bath.



If you are going to Munnar, please do not forget your jacket! It is the coolest place in Kerala. Temperature is between -4 to 30 degree throughout the year.




Kumarakom is located middle of Kerala. It is famous for the backwater beauty. Resorts are located beside the lake. It is really amazing. Prince Charles of Britain celebrated his 65th birthday at Kumarakom.


Thekkady is 92 Kilometers away from Munnar. Thekkady is a part of Periyar National Park. In the middle of the forest (Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary), there is a beautiful fresh water lake. Boating is the major activity there. As you travel on the boat, you can see natural wildlife . Very beautiful views. You can complete the tour within 4 hours.


Athirappilly is just 25 miles away from Kochi International Airport. It is famous for two nearby waterfalls (Athirappilly and Vazhachal). Athirappilly Falls is the biggest waterfall in Kerala with approximately 80 feet in height which is situated 1000 feet above sea level. You can enjoy Jungle Safari through the evergreen forest and it will be the most attractive wildlife watch and Ecotourism.


Vagamon hills are very famous of its location. It is situated 1,100 meters above sea level. Vagamon is mostly hilly bald with green meadows. It has a cool climate, with the temperature between 10 to 23 °C during summer. Panoramic view of the lower range, Pine forests, tea plantations, mist from the valley,.. all make you unforgettable experience.





Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in South India. It is nestled in mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, at an altitude of 6000 feet ...


Kumarakom is located in the middle of Kerala. It is famous for the backwaters beauty. Luxury resorts are located beside the Vembanad lake which give panoramic view of the backwaters.


Kovalam has three beaches- Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, Samudra Beach- separated by rocky outcroppings in its 17 km coastline. These sandy beaches are best for sun bath.


Alappuzha is known as Venice of the East. A small excotic town surrounded by Arabian sea and backwaters. Alappuzha beach is very nice for sea surfing and sun bathing. Also can enjoy backwater beauty.


National Geographic Traveler has listed Vagamon on their directory of the "50 most attractive places to visit in India". Reaching Vagamon itself is an extraordinary experience. It is a favorite location for film shooting.


Bekal Fort is in northern side of Kerala. It is the largest fort in Kerala which faces to the Arabian sea. This Fort was constructed in 1650 CE. You can see the beauty of the Fort as well as the waves of the sea.


The commercial capital of Kerala. A beautiful city with nice backwaters and beach. If you are visiting Kerala, just allocate one full day at Kochi then only you can see all. Kochi port was built by British engineer...


Thekkady is a part of Periyar National Park. In the middle of the forest (Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary), there is a beautiful fresh water lake. Boating in this lake is the major attraction and see natural wildlife.


Athirappilly is famous for two nearby cascades (Athirappilly and Vazhachal). It is the biggest waterfalls in Kerala with approximately 80 feet in height. Athirappilly is also known as the 'Niagara of India'.


Kuttikkanam is between high range and low range . Dew from the valley to the mountain will make your heart and mind rejoice. You will definitely like staying in Kuttikkanam. It is a wonderful place for honeymoon.


Wayanad- very green tableland which is 62 miles away from Calicut International airport. The road leads to Wayanad consists of hair pin bends.Wanyandan forests are the main tourist attraction.


Fort Kochi is basically a beach joins with backwaters. Fishing nets in the Fort Kochi beach is the main attraction there. It is one of the oldest and developed market in Kerala. Since Vasco da Gama...


Nelliyampathi is famous of its tea and coffee plantations. It is a hill station. You can enjoy a calm stay there,away from the noise of vehicles, close to the nature and its fresh air. It will be a wonderful experience.

What makes Kerala different from North India?

We have noticed that when a tourist is planning to visit India, the first destination in their mind is Taj Mahal, then Delhi, Agra, Bangalore, Goa etc. But very few choose Kerala as “Optional”. But there are “lot to see in Kerala”. It is the greenest state in India. Literacy rate is 93.91, You have seen Malayalees ( Malayalam is our mother tongue) in your own countries- men with big mustache! A world of middle class people. Kerala's population is around 35 million. Having three International Airports! Our sophisticated road network makes your travel easy.

Apart from the above mentioned major tour destinations, there are so many other minor tourist destinations in Kerala. We sort those destinations in district wise. To know the minor tourist destinations in Kerala